Monday, August 8, 2011

role reversal

We started our week with a Sunday morning visit to the ER, but this time I wasn't the patient. Poor Andrew was trimming some bushes yesterday and accidentally clipped a little more than the bush. Thankfully Andrew is a trooper and did great with the whole ordeal. Three stitches later, his right hand should be as good as new in about 2 weeks. He will definitely be taking lead on the twins' lacerations. The worst part of the adventure (except the numbing shot) was that the valet actually locked our keys in our car! His entire job is to park cars and get the keys safely to the booth, yet he managed to lock us out in the 90 degree sunshine. So glad this is not the hospital where we are having the babies.

In honor of our latest hospital visit, I've added a new poll to the right side of the blog...when do you think the babies will arrive? There are five options, and each week represents the day we get to that mark plus the entire following week (34 weeks= 34 weeks through 34 weeks 6 days). As a reminder, we will be 32 weeks tomorrow. Happy voting!

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