Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some day, one of our children will look at Andrew and me and ask, "Where do babies come from?" Though it's a question many parents dread, it's one that we have put lots of thought into, and one that I hope we will be well prepared to handle.

When the inevitable question is asked, I hope to direct the conversation more to how families are made. I know it's important for children to understand the biology of babies, but it's equally important to teach our children that families are not one size fits all. Yes, babies are each made from a little part of a woman and a little part of a man, but families are so much more. Though I'm sure the response will be refined over the next few years, I plan to tell our children that many mommies and daddies are able to easily make a baby, and that is a beautiful thing. Lots of families, though, come together in different ways. Some families, like ours, needed a doctor to help make their babies. We are so thankful for these special doctors, as they were able to make our dreams come true by giving us our precious twins. Other families are brought together through the miracle of adoption, or through the gift of surrogacy. Many families are made of a mommy, daddy and kids, but many are also made of just a mommy, just a daddy, or two mommies or daddies.

What matters is not how the family came together, or how the babies were made, but the love shared within that family. That is the lesson I want our children to learn.

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  1. Great post. Families are all different and don't have to fit into a single mold. I love that commercial!

  2. I just became one of your official "followers". That kinda sounds creepy haha, But I am here counting down the weeks until we get to see those sweet babies :)