Wednesday, July 20, 2011

baby room

After a few months of fun, the nursery is finally ready! I had so much fun preparing this room, and sweet Andrew went along with all of my crazy ideas. We wanted something sweet, classic, simple and peaceful...I didn't want it to get busy with all the boy/girl stuff. We ended up focusing on white and gray, with touches of blue, pink, and green. I am so excited about the result and cannot wait to see our little ones grow in their very own room.

View from the girl is on the left, baby boy is on the right, and the dresser and changing table are separating the cribs. If you look towards baby girl's crib, you can see a little corner of the gray and cream rug we finally found.

Baby girl's crib, which is next to the most comfy glider ever and the sweet piece of art we found for the twins. I certainly hope they hold fast to their dreams!

Baby boy's crib. These mobiles are probably my favorite things in the nursery.

Chandelier, which Andrew hung himself. He's so handy!

4Bookshelf between the doorway and closet with lots of toys and goodies.

The fabric for the sheets and changing pad cover...which was on backorder for months! Worth the wait, though.

A final look at the whole room.


  1. It's so perfect!!!!I love the mobiles and glider!!!

  2. Utterly charming! Love what you have done!