Monday, April 11, 2011

Sister Stella

This morning our OB called our little ones a perfect twin pregnancy--definitely music to my ears! Here are a few sweet pictures from our appointment:

Baby A...always the little mover

Baby A's sweet little feet

Baby B, our shy one, finally gave us a good picture today. Here B is, all stretched out!

Every day we try to explain to our first two children, Cooper and Stella, that they are getting two new siblings soon. Cooper loves babies and children, so we aren't worried about him at all. Stella, on the other hand, has never really been around babies. We keep telling her that little people are on the way, and that she cannot chew on them or their toys, but we're not sure she gets it quite yet. After our appointment today, I was sorting through our ultrasound pictures and putting them in our ultrasound album for safekeeping, and Stella was VERY interested. She kept sniffing and moving the pictures all over the couch with her nose. I got up to get a drink, and when I came back from the kitchen she was standing over the album studying her new brothers/sisters. Maybe she is ready after all!


  1. Adorable! The babies are BEAUTIFUL! :) Glad to hear that it's a 'perfect' twin pregnancy---that is always a good thing. The good thing about the doggies is that like the babies...they also have each other.