Friday, January 1, 2016

cheers to 2016

As most years are, 2015 has been a mixed bag for us. We joyfully added another son to our family, we found a great little home here in Nashville, and we watched our three "big kids" grow even spunkier. On the other hand, we had some difficult days both before and after Ellis's birth, we've seen friends and family experience deep heartache, and our hearts have been broken by Anne's diagnosis.

I saw a recommendation online to choose one word for the new year rather than make resolutions--to pick a personal mantra. Almost instantly I thought of the phrase "choose joy." But, being the rule follower that I am, I have narrowed that down to just "choose." You see, so many things in life are out of our control...but so many things are also within our control. Every day is full of choices. Each day I can choose my reactions to circumstances and events. I can choose what emotions I dwell on and what I let pass. I can choose to prioritize family and friends and health. I can choose how I spend my time, energy and money. And as a parent, my choices not only affect me, but greatly influence the lives of my four littles. So my 2016 word is "choose," and I pray that I choose well this year.

May 2016 bring you and your family peace, comfort, and love.

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