Friday, July 17, 2015

an urban vacay

At the end of June, Andrew was scheduled to spend a couple of nights in Chicago. I was a bit nervous about my first night at home with four kids, with one of them being only one month old, so I jokingly suggested that we go with him. Then the joke sounded like a good idea, and the next thing we knew we were on a road trip with four under four to one of our favorite cities.

I think people thought we were crazy, but it was actually amazingly fun. We did a three-day highlight tour, and the kids loved it. They directed traffic from their stroller, yelling "stop, car, stop" each time we went across a crosswalk. They loved the horse drawn carriages and shouted "clip clop" at all the horses. From the American Girl store to the Children's Museum, they jumped right into each activity and soaked in every second.

first stop= hershey store

father's day brunch at american girl cafe

building with dad at the lego store


while dad went to his conference, we spent the morning at lake michigan. the kids LOVED playing on the beach and even ventured into the freezing water in their clothes. we ended up in underwear...not sure that is technically allowed.

chicago children's museum

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