Saturday, May 9, 2015

final countdown

Baby boy is coming in four days. In just four short days, I'll be holding my fourth little one. And I cannot wait to see him and kiss his precious face.

After a slew of appointments and medicines, it has been decided that I will have this little guy at 38 weeks on the dot. That means 8 fewer days to plan and prepare, but hopefully 8 fewer days of no way to treat my ribs. I never thought I would want to have a baby early. I truly believe that each day in the womb is a gift...each day of development is so very needed. But I also know that there has to be a balance, and for our family's sake, the balance this time is giving baby boy the time he needs while getting him out once he is healthy.

For some reason, the idea that I know exactly when this little guy is coming feels very strange this time around. Don't get me wrong, the planner in me loves it, and with three other monkeys to care for it makes the whole process far more smooth. But something about knowing that surgery begins at 8:00 on Wednesday and that I'll be looking at him by 9:00 is just surreal. Exciting, but surreal.

So I'm taking these next few days to love on my big kids. To play with Shep, who is still the baby for a bit longer. To make sure they all understand how special they are, how incredibly much I love them. And to let baby boy grow just a tiny bit more as we all excitedly anticipate his arrival.

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