Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 months

As of yesterday, my little Shepherd is 3 months old!  It's hard to believe that a quarter of a year has already passed...the months are going so quickly this time.

Shepherd is so very strong and alert.  He loves to look around, and especially loves to watch his brother & sister.  His favorite thing is to lie flat on the couch with either mom or dad looking over him talking to him.  He is already ticklish, and he has graced us with a few sweet giggles, which is pretty much the best sound ever.  When he's happy, he's very happy, beaming with giant gummy smiles.  He is starting to love the play mat, and can even manage to grab the ring toys sometimes.  He is very tolerant of B&F's antics, for which we are very thankful.  And he loves for mom to sing him the itsy bitsy spider.

A week ago, he weighed 12 pounds 7 ounces.  At that point we were able to increase his reflux medication, and that has made such a difference in his demeanor.  He is so much happier!  It is wonderful to know that he is in less pain...seeing him hurt is so very hard on us.

We are incredibly thankful for this adorable little man.  He is oh so precious, and we couldn't be more in love.

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