Monday, October 14, 2013

the first real week

Between paternity leave and moving, Andrew had three full weeks off for Shepherd's birth.  They may have been crazy weeks, but they were glorious nonetheless.  Three entire weeks of two parents at home.  For the most part, we split up kid duty--one parent took the twins, the other took Shep.  But that all ended last Monday.  It was time for dad to go to work.

Last week was my first official week as a stay-at-home mom of three children under three.  It was both better and worse than I expected.  There were moments of bliss...really.  There were times when the big kids were great and the little guy was great all at once. There were 5 minute periods when all three were asleep at the same time.  There were precious moments of sneaking up on the twins just staring at their new brother.  But there were also times when I thought I must have lost my mind.  The first afternoon, we decided to take a walk once dad got home and locked ourselves out of the house...only to figure out how to break into the basement and call to cancel the locksmith...only to figure out we were still locked out of the main floor and have to recall the locksmith....only to realize the front door had been unlocked for four days and re-cancel the locksmith.  There was the next day, when I literally locked my three week old in the house (thank goodness dad works just minutes away).  There were many moments when all three were screaming, or when the twins were seconds from breaking some valuable piece of baby equipment, or when I needed desperately to pump but had no way to wrangle three kids while attaching myself to my lovely yellow machine.

Despite all the crazy, we made it.  That's what matters.  We figured out how to get out of the house with three kids (and we got of the house a lot).  We figured out the best times for mom to pump.  We found our new library and a few parks that we like.  And somehow mom even managed to shower each day.  We made it, and we are learning to love it collectively as much as we love each of these little ones individually.

Here a few phone pictures from our first official week:
lots of cuddling
art time

first lunch at panera
hello little brother

started week two off well with a trip to donut den

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