Wednesday, June 12, 2013

vacay at the lake

We just got back from our trip to Lake Michigan, and I must say that our vacation with two 21-month-olds went much better than expected.  While it's not quite our favorite Carolina coast, you could honestly hardly tell the difference...and the twins certainly couldn't.  There was plenty of sand, cold water, sunshine, a children's museum for our one rainy morning, and a quaint little town (St. Joseph) filled with multiple ice cream options.  What more could you want from a vacation?

Every afternoon was spent digging in, throwing, making holes in, and filling buckets with sand.  B&F were even brave enough to venture a little way into the cold lake (especially Frances, who is apparently a water baby).

Boat watching and bird watching were favorite activities as well.

And no vacation is complete without ice cream (at least not in this family).  We even had a Thomas the Train sighting near the ice cream shop!

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