Tuesday, March 12, 2013

expanding our set

With immense joy and humility, I am excited to share that we are expecting our third little Shafer!  We are due in September, and we couldn't be happier to be expanding our family.  Andrew and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be in this position.  There was a time when we thought we might have no biological children...now we are preparing to welcome our third.  I am not sure why our lives have been written in this magnificent way, but I am grateful beyond measure.

Thank you all for following along and supporting us as we started our family two years ago.  I know and am thankful that you will extend that same love and support to this next child.

And now, for your clarification, here are the answers to the questions that we continuously hear right now:

Yes, it is one baby.  We are absolutely sure.

Yes, we are excited and very much wanted this child.  

No, we did not do IVF again.  Our frozen cycle in December was not successful, but the process and meds we used helped us get pregnant the following month.

Yes, we realize that we will be extremely busy with two barely two-year-olds and a newborn.  Life will be chaotic, and we are totally okay with that.


  1. WOW - I am so incredibly happy for your family! What a sweet blessing from God! Incredible news!

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!

  3. This makes me smile so much. Many congratulations and blessings your way for all that you have prayed for and more. <3

  4. Since I have been super excited and praying for baby three for a while, I was distracted by frances's boots. three babies is awesome. yes, you will be nuts, but it is worth it ! Love you.

  5. Beyond excited for baby number 3!! I can't wait to see B and F be big brother and big sister!!!! Love y'all!

  6. Yay!!!! So happy for you and your precious family!!!

  7. Yay!!! Congrats you guys! :)

  8. Congratulations Shafers!!!! So excited for you (all)!!

    We miss you guys! :-)

    Love, "The Guirgui"