Sunday, February 24, 2013

heritage of love

Grandparents give their grandchildren so much.  Excessive toys, fun days away from mom and dad, snacks that aren't necessarily approved.  In our case, as in so many others, B&F's grandparents have given them something so much richer.  Without even knowing it, they have gifted our twins with a unique and amazing heritage of love.

Sylvia and Richard Hodge were married in 1970.  For nearly 43 years, they have been each others best friend.  Together, they have raised daughters and flowers and a loving home.

Anne and Jeff Shafer were married in 1980.  They have spent 33 years filling their home with three children, plenty of family fun (including the forced kind), and joy beyond measure.

These two couples have been married to each other, and only each other.  They have honored the institution of marriage.  They remain steadfast to their vows, and in so doing have provided a beautiful example for our children to follow.  I pray that, in many years, Barnes and Frances will both find someone with whom they can share their lives.  I pray that they will follow the example of their grandparents and hold tightly to their love, their commitment, and their promises.  And I pray that my grandchildren will one day be able to look at Andrew and myself and see this heritage of love continuing.

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