Monday, January 21, 2013

the sibling game

We've had a bit of trouble lately.  Barnes is great.  Frances is great.  Combined, however, they have produced lots of toy stealing and pushing and chasing and knocking over.  Frances has shed several tears over the past few weeks over Barnes's antics.  Some days it just seems that they can't get along.  And on those days, I worry...that they won't like each other, that they will be sick of each other before they even turn two.

But then they surprise me.

This morning we had our first baby dates.  Dad and Frances spent some time at Starbucks; Mom and Barnes explored the bookstore.  They both loved their individual attention, even if they were a bit confused.  Frances arrived home about 5 minutes before Barnes, and her apprehension regarding where her brother was apparently grew.  When Barnes finally walked into the kitchen, without any encouragement, Frances walked straight to him and gave him a hug and a kiss.  Despite the brotherly pestering, she adores her twin.

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  1. He is her BEST friend! Ann-Haley literally grew up with Jenny Yoder and we saw the same type of behavior with them. They argued and fought and always made up! I think that their power struggle with one another is actually quite healthy! You are doing a great job!