Friday, November 9, 2012

14.5 months

It's been a while since I caught you up on what our twins were doing, and they are currently up to oh-so-much.  Here's the rundown on the happenings of two sweet 14 month olds:

  • They are MUCH more stable on their feet.  Of course they still fall sometimes, but the crash landings have decreased.  And they are picking up speed, definitely inching towards running.
  • They can point to their bellies and their ears.  Sometimes their belly ends up being their chest, but it's definitely close enough to count.
  • They love saying "Stella."  Cooper, on the other hand, is doggie.  I guess they have determined that his name is just too hard to try.
  • They are truly obsessed with the dogs.  Like it may be a problem obsessed.  They look for them everywhere (even at restaurants).  When the dogs go outside, they stand at the door and wait for them to return.  I can only imagine how much fun they will all have once the twins figure out the difference in petting and pulling.
  • Other than Stella, doggie, mama and dada, there are really no other discernible words.  But LOTS and LOTS of babbling.  I know they get frustrated sometimes that we can't understand what they are "very clearly" telling us.
  • They love music class.  We go once a week, and they are mesmerized.  Frances has learned to "pat on her lap," and they both love clapping and dancing.  Barnes is obsessed with the teacher's guitar, trying to take everyone's turn playing it.
  • Frances is on a milk strike.  She hates taking milk from cups, so we are trying to sneak calcium in wherever we can.
  • They are both getting molars.  And they are not happy about it.
  • At classes and playtimes, Frances has developed into the more independent baby.  She has no fear, exploring new situations all on her own.
  • Barnes loves women.  When we go to mommy-and-me preschool, he wants all the other moms to hold him.  Maybe he's shopping around to replace me.
  • During bath time, they now love to give each other kisses.  I have never seen anything so precious.  Ever.  Just further proof that every baby needs a twin.

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