Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a little walker

Have I mentioned that we officially have a walker?  And have I mentioned that the walker just so happens to be a girl?

Yes, my friends, Frances is a true walker.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened...last Wednesday at mommy-and-me class, I noticed she was walking quite a bit, maybe as much as she was crawling.  Sometime between then and Sunday, she completely converted and we love it!  Watching her waddle around is like watching my favorite movie--I could put it on repeat and let it play over and over again.  With this newfound skill has come a tinge of precociousness...we never know where she will sneak to next, and she beams with pride when she manages to get into trouble.  But watching her maneuver her barely 18 pound self around the room is more than worth the added caution required.

And though I never want to encourage competition between the twins, I am a bit relieved that Frances reached this milestone first.  During their first year, Barnes achieved everything first--being born, rolling over, sitting up, crawling--sometimes by mere hours and sometimes by weeks.  I love that now Frances will have her very own first.  But she better enjoy it while it lasts, because Barnes is right on her heels.

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