Wednesday, June 6, 2012

toy wars

How do you teach 9-month-olds to share?  Is it even possible?  The twins are getting feistier every day, and their exploding personalities are most evident in their current desire to take each other's toys.  Frannie decides to go on a picnic with her sweet little basket...suddenly Barnes just has to have the sandwich, a favorite toy.  Barnes wants to bake a cake with his pan....Frances must use the pan as a drum immediately.  And even with the things we have two of--random bottles, rattles, balls, mirrors--they both want the same one, not the clearly inferior other one.

The battles are getting more violent.  Two days ago Frances bopped Barnes on the head with a measuring cup.  The day before that, she whacked him with a rattle so hard he actually cried.  Barnes may be stronger, but Frances is a schemer.  Although we plan to do everything we can to avoid competition between the twins, I can see it beginning already. 

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if twins will learn sharing earlier?? Cole struggles with it a 2 years old...perhaps if he'd always had to share it would have come earlier. It could be that the pain comes earlier, but so does the lesson ;)