Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday funday

We've had a fun, busy weekend, and we thought we'd share a few pictures with everyone to show what our little lives are filled with these days. Thanks for following our story!

Barnes & Frances

We had lots of playtime:

Sometimes we do the exact same thing at the exact same time and mom is reminded that we are twins.

We took pictures outside:

Dad took us on our first campus tour:

We went to another pumpkin is really excited about Halloween:

Which one should we pick?

Check out my sticker!

We played in the laundry:

And now we're exhausted:


  1. You definitely have my prayers. I know the word exhaustion does not really even cover what you must be feeling most days. However, you have two beautiful children. They are little doll babies and look as though they are changing daily. They really don't have that "premature" look that so many babies have. Oh, and I love their names! Hope to meet them one day soon! Blessings

  2. Precious! They are getting so big already. Love them and so ready to hug them next month.